Stephen Nesbit

Stephen Nesbit has been in the digital signage and digital advertising industry for over 20 years. He is currently the Managing Director of Prestonwood Trail Holdings LLC and has provided advisory services for companies in the Digital Signage and Digital Media Industry for the past 10 years. He has directed and advised projects in North America, Europe, Asia proper, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Africa. Prior to founding Prestonwood Trail, Mr. Nesbit was the President/COO at Reflect Systems, a prominent software and services company in the Digital Signage business. He joined Reflect after serving as President/COO of MarketForward, the Global Digital Media Division owned by the Publicis Groupe S.A. in Paris France. Mr. Nesbit began his career in Digital Signage as the EVP Global Operations & GM International Business for Next Generation Network. NGN was one of the first Digital Place Based Advertising companies in the industry before its sale to Anschutz Investments where the company changed its name to National Cinemedia (NASDAQ: NCMI). He began his career at IBM in the Data Processing Division holding various field and HQ management positions. Mr. Nesbit also held management and executive positions at Wang Labs and BBN Communications Inc., the communications company that was the original architect of the Internet. Mr. Nesbit holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame and earned an MBA from the Indiana University Kelly Graduate School of Business.